RAW2ROAR Camp 2022
12-14th March @ Phillip Island

12 campers
12 volunteers


“My world instantly broke,” Ms Thomson said. “David was my father, my hero and my absolute rock”

“David was going about his everyday business riding his bike when he’s been struck by this vehicle and this vehicle has taken off, described to be a silver colour sporty-like vehicle which has left the scene,” Constable Lombardi said.


As per the TAC ‘Lives back on Track Partnership’

As per the TAC ‘Lives back on Track Partnership’

As per the TAC ‘Lives back on Track Partnership’

  • Develop partnerships which maximise the independence and improve the lives of young people trying to live and cope with road trauma.
  • To ensure TAC clients who are young people can get their lives back on track as quickly as possible, and feel supported and empowered at every step.
  • To be the ‘conduit’ between road trauma young people and TAC.
  • Improved health and independence outcomes for young people affected by road trauma
  • Positive R2R camp experience

To meet, exceed or miss our targets for R2R?

  • Feedback from the R2R team, the teens, VicPol members who assisted, parents, guardians, social workers and survey results indicate that we not only met our objectives, we absolutely exceeded all expectations.
  • Building on from our R2R Camp in 2021 and team training sessions, we reviewed the 2021 evaluation results from campers and volunteer team members and noted suggestions for improvements and/or additions to the program for future R2R camps.

R2R Camp 2022 suggestions and improvements implemented were:

  • A purchase of covid RAT tests were a high priority. All camp attendees were tested prior to entering the bus. Those who drove independently were also tested prior to entering the camp venue.
  • The creation of a ‘Staff Handbook’ which had relevant information for all Team Members to refer to. Copies of forms were also included in the folder i.e. bus list, cabin list, first aid info, activity timetable, covid plan, etc. The Policies (based on the Child Safety Act) are also included in the handbook
  • Allocate team members to ‘positions of responsibility’ for team members to go to if a situation arises that needs immediate attention, or is beyond their experiences.
  • Invite Highway Patrol to share their role within VicPol. Campers will experience the patrol car and its technology which will create an opportunity to converse and form friendships between the teens and officers. A strong partnership is formed.
  • Assistant Commissioner presenting a certificate to our Ambassador, Detective Sophie Thomson from Ballarat. Sophie was also able to present Glenn with a thankyou certificate and an RTFV cap.
  • Abide by the Camp venue’s Covid plan in addition to our own Covid plan.
  • We are a ‘Child safe organisation’ with team members trained accordingly.
  • Create a timetable with opportunity for team members to have ‘time off’.
  • Career and pathways counsellor recruited as a team member.
  • Engage a ‘mindfulness’ practitioner.
  • Promotion of TAC by giving campers TAC handouts i.e. pens, mouse mats, textas, etc which we thank them for and appreciate their generosity.

Invitations to visit our camp:

Minister the Hon. Ben Carroll, TAC CEO Joe Calafiore, local MP Jordan Crognale and Assistant Commissioner Glenn Weir.

We were absolutely thrilled that AC Glenn Weir hit the road at 5am Monday morning to visit us all at Phillip Island. He only had 30min to share before driving back to Melbourne. An amazing commitment which we feel is above and beyond, demonstrating his valued support for R2R and RTFV. Our sincere thanks Glenn, you are our champion!

With a team of 12 volunteers, working 50hrs plus, on average, the visit from Glenn Weir meant a great deal in validating their commitment to road trauma and the young people struggling to cope.

RTFV and R2R shout out to our team of volunteers and thank them formally via this report.

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HELPING ROAD TOLL’S FORGOTTEN TEENS They’ve lost brothers, siblings and parents to the road toll. Now a new initiative is helping the forgotten teens of road trauma. Wes Hosking reporter for Herald Sun Article was published in the Herald Sun and Geelong Advertiser 27/2/21
  • Members of Parliament assisted by putting the R2R information up on their webpages and twitter. Russell North, Steve McGhie and Ben Carroll extended amazing support.
Assistant Commissioner presenting a certificate to our Ambassador, Detective Sophie Thomson from Ballarat. Sophie was also able to present Glenn with a thankyou certificate and an RTFV cap.

STAND OUT ACTIVITY. Releasing lanterns at dusk.

On Sunday evening, we travelled with our prepared lanterns that had been decorated with love, to a quiet, off the road bush setting. It was an amazing experience with lightning cracking behind the silhouette of gum trees.

It felt almost like a place of worship. It felt calm and serene and looked simply beautiful. It was this back drop that supported each camper and volunteer as they placed their lantern, alight with fluorescent colour along the boardwalk.

Music added to the mood and the raw emotional engagement. The song we chose was ‘Lanterns’ by Birds of Tokyo.

The grief and love surrounding the location was almost tangible. On return to our camp venue, we participated in a ‘mindfulness’ session before going to bed.

On we march
With a midnight song
We will light our way
With our lanterns on
On we march
Till we meet the dawn
We will light our way
With our lanterns on

Were our goals realised?

To support young people experiencing trauma, loss and grief in the aftermath of a road fatality/collision.

Often young people who have experienced personal loss due to road trauma, miss out on support to repair the damage caused which would help them get back on track and reach their full potential.

They feel isolated and alone.

Comments from the campers which reflect the Rationale.

Being out doing things I like doing without thinking about what’s happened.
I loved the positivity everyone had.

Being with others that have been through the same things I’ve been through and we can learn from each other, It was great and I really enjoyed being here.

I enjoyed the go-carting.

It was great but I had trouble sleeping. I loved the surfing.

Very helpful.

Go carting felt like I was included and I didn’t have to worry about something.

I think it was really good will think about coming next year.

A really great experience talking to others and learning from their stories.

I see Police differently now.

Aiden Reeves “Aiden.Reeves@education.vic.gov.au”
to me

Hey Margaret,
A bit of feedback from J….. who was really positive about the camp. He said:

  • The camp had a relaxed atmosphere and allowed for staff to take the time with the activities so it didn’t feel rushed. J….. also enjoyed the flexibility in what students could do on camp.
  • Great activities with a good variety.
  • It provided an opportunity for bonding and new connections, J… spoke in particular he felt he had built a positive connection with the staff on the camp. He mentioned in particular Rob.
  • J…. felt the Place they stayed was cool
  • Run by really great staff who were polite & helpful.

Another student really enjoyed speaking to the Senior Sergeant and had a really positive relationship with her mentor.

Another student felt really proud of the awards they received.

Positive feedback all round about the activities. One student in particular really enjoyed the mindfulness activities. Thanks.

The R2R Team

The R2R Team are all volunteers with a varied range of professions, expertise and personal experiences: i.e. Div2 Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Student Welfare Counsellor, VicPol membersx2, Mindfulness, Careers Counsellor, Bus driver.

A conservative estimate of 50hrs per team member is an enormous contribution and significant in relation to costing.

A flier was created and posted on a variety of Social Media sites. It was bright in its presentation to catch the eye of prospective teen campers or friends and family members. The presentation and wording proved appropriate for the age cohort. The mention of a FREE Camp was the highlight of the flier. It was shared many times on social media creating a journey all of its own. Contact details were also clear and easily identified.

There were also local radio interviews and podcasts to support and send our message far and near.

A camper application pack was created and sent out to those who enquired together with the R2R Camp Rationale. An option of returning the pack via email or post was offered. Reinforcement of the information being confidential was also delivered within the application pack.

Parental/guardian signatures were required in addition to medical information which also required signatures.

The application pack was also sent to prospective welfare agencies. Additional valued support was extended from VAP agencies via Nicola Taylor, Natasha Jager from the Justice Department and Mick Turner VicPol.

A ‘code of conduct’ was formulated and sent to applicants to sign together with their parent/guardian.

A volunteer application pack was also created and sent to the team members to be filled in, signed and returned.

A medical record was created to record the medication dispensed to the teens during camp. The record requires two signatures.

In keeping with Covid 19 requirements, a list of all campers was always filled out when leaving the camp site and returning to the camp site. This was also implemented for team members who used their time off to leave the camp site.

A bus list was also important when on an activity away from the camp site.

Whilst the volunteer team has a student welfare counsellor, we have identified that we need to have an instant/immediate contact either by phone or on site, of an adolescent psychologist. This will be investigated further prior to our next camp (funding permitting).

With the relaxing of ‘Covid rules’, team training will be face to face rather than using ‘zoom’.

Create two sub groups – a junior group 12-14 and a senior group 15-17. This will ensure age appropriate, tailored discussions/workshops are delivered.

Once applications were received, phone contact with parents/guardians was important to discuss any concerns and answer questions. It is important to develop a relationship and partnership with parents/guardians/social workers.

Re-think using a long weekend. It was a great in relation to the volunteer team who are working during the week, not to rush on Friday afternoon to get to camp for the start of the program and be able to return Monday. The problem we encountered was the huge amount of traffic on the road Monday as holiday makers were returning home.

It is to be expected and accepted. All campers made contact with their parent/guardians on the journey home to update them on estimated arrival time.

Review the dates for ‘open for expressions of interest and closing date.’ It was a difficult time to gauge and predict enrolment enquiries. i.e. were needed in line with a return to school, sporting commitments and Covid parameters.

The influence and effect of Covid created a challenge in relation to applications. An enormous amount of time and energy was spent on personal contact with applicants and their families to reassure them of the safety of their children.


What experience or information was right for you?
  • Go carting felt like I was included and I didn’t have to worry about anything.
  • It was great just had trouble sleeping. Loved the surfing.
  • I really enjoyed the go carting
  • Being with others that have been through the same things I’ve been through and we can learn from each other.
  • Talking to others I gained experiences from their information.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your R2R experience?

  • I think it was really good and will think about coming next year
  • Very helpful.
  • It was great and I really enjoyed being here.
  • I loved the positivity everyone had.
  • It was cool.

PHILLIP ISLAND CAMPS 10-12 Phillip Island Rd Newhaven.

DAY 1 (arrival)
Saturday 12/3/22
Activity Location
11.00am Surfing and boogie board lessons Address: Beachcomber Ave Smiths Beach, VIC
1.00pm Finish surfing and boogie boarding. Board the bus.  
1.15pm Travel onto camp location for lunch and settle in.  
12.45pm Lunch  
1.30pm Orientation and group activities Common room
2.30pm Mindfulness  
2.45pm Free time  
5.30pm Dinner – at Penguin restaurant  
6.30pm Move to penguin viewing area  
9.30pm Arrive back at camp. Mindfulness session and then bed.  
Day 2
Sunday 13/3/22
Activity Location
7.30am Breakfast Dining room
8.45am Leave for Grand Prix billy cart experience which starts at 9.15am Address Back Beach Road Ventnor, VIC
10.30am Morning tea Off site
12.15pm Board the bus and back to camp  
1pm Lunch Dining room
2pm Group activities and lantern preparations Common room
3.30pm Afternoon tea Dining room
4pm Board bus for the Koala experience 650 Bass Hwy Grantville, VIC
6pm Dinner Dining room
6.45pm Board bus to release lanterns  
10pm Mindfulness session - Lights out  
Day 3 (departure)
Monday 14/3/22
Activity Location
8am Breakfast Dining room
9am Glenn Weir Assistant Commissioner visit Common room
10.30am Morning tea Off site/on bus
11am Group activities to wind up the camp Common room
  Camp closure session Common room
12pm Lunch Dining room/garden
12.30pm Pack up/clean up On site
1pm Depart camp facility Transport
?TBC Arrive at meeting point to meet parents/guardian Meeting point
Raw2Roar camp budget for March 2022
Accommodation $3200
Bus hire $1020
Petrol $300
Insurance $825
Surfing $1500
Penguins $466
Grande prix circuit $1320
Koala park $720
Merchandise $1120
Lanterns and fluoro sticks $92