VicRoads Roadside Memorial Policy

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Today, VicRoads is introducing its updated roadside memorial policy that will provide greater support to grieving families following an extensive community consultation process.

The policy will not remove roadside memorials but reinforces VicRoads’ commitment to preserve existing memorials and to support grieving families into the future.

VicRoads Director of Network Policy and Standards Helen Lindner said the wishes and needs of families who had experienced a loss was a key consideration and the updated policy would only be used where a conflict or a safety concern was raised.

This policy ensures that we have the framework to support families who wish to place or maintain memorial, while also being mindful of road safety and community views, Ms Lindner said.

It strikes an appropriate balance between grieving families while also recognising the effect road trauma can have on local communities, first responders and witnesses.

VicRoads will offer guidance through its local offices to families about the placement of memorials ensure they can be visited and maintained without becoming a safety or road hazard.

The updated policy was created as a result of a community consultation process as well as discussion and collaboration with individuals and the Municipal Association of Victoria, Municipal Councils, Road Trauma Support Services Victoria, Road Trauma Families Victoria, Victoria Police, the TAC and Monash University Accident Research Centre.

Margaret Markovic, President, Road Trauma Families Victoria said the updated policy provides inclusion, collaboration and clear guidelines to families and community members affected by road trauma.

There is no doubt that this is a very sensitive and emotive issue, Ms Markovic said.

I am extremely proud to have been a representative for those affected by Road Trauma death during this process and feel confident that this policy will assist and support those who place a roadside memorial, or those who have one in place.

The Policy can be viewed and downloaded on the Community-consultation web page.